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Fruit & Viticulture

Fruit & Viticulture
Fruit & Viticulture

Learn more about our philosophy, how we manufacture our products, and how we utilise our fruits to produce perfectly refined natural juices, wines, or brandies.

No year is like another; each year gives our produce a unique taste. We ensure that the quality level is consistently high. As an AMA-certified business, we limit the use of pesticides to a bare minimum to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our acreage of approximately 9 hectares is divided into vineyards and orchards. The vegetation of our cultures starts with the bud break in May and ends no sooner than November, sometimes even December. We specialise in the cultivation of apples and peaches. Utilising these fruits, we produce a wide range of high-quality fruit juices, which we offer our guests at the breakfast buffet and also offer for sale to the general public.

Naturally, our product portfolio also includes high-proof alcohol. For the distillation of our spirits, we use only fruit of the finest and highest quality.

What we think makes your vacation unforgettable, you ask?

We believe the answer is to take a stroll through our orchards and vineyards to experience and enjoy nature with all senses.

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