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Pony riding

Pony riding
Pony riding

Sitting on a horse for the first time is an exciting experience for every child.

We strive to offer the perfect setting for every child’s first horseback experience, be it for a child still in kindergarten or already at school.

The Mersits family attaches great importance to building a child’s confidence in the horse and the guide. Playful balance exercises are aimed at making the correct horseback sitting position feel like “child’s play”.

Self-determination and individuality is always important, even during short, 10-minute pony rides. The children decide for themselves whether they merely want to sit on a pony conventionally or if they would like to engage in additional balancing exercises. Furthermore, the Mersits family adapts the programme to the skill levels and needs of every individual child. The aim is to ensure that the children involved are neither overwhelmed, nor insufficiently challenged.

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Pony riding
Pony riding
Pony riding
Pony riding

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