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Horse Riding

Our horse-oriented activities include pony rides, riding lessons, intensive training in various Western riding disciplines, horse tours, and guided trail rides.

Horse Riding
Horse Riding

Due to years of experience with children, youths, and adults, the Mersits family is capable of offering a wide range of possibilities to strengthen the sense and feel for horses. They truly know how to turn a horse riding session into an unforgettable experience.

Sitting on a horse for the first time is an exciting experience for every child. Whether kindergarten or school age, we can offer a suitable horseback option to suit every child.

The Mersits family believes it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the child develops confidence in the horse and the guide. Balance exercises are used to acclimatise the child to horseback riding as playfully as possible.

What could be more beautiful for a child to be surprised with the favourite pony on his/her birthday?

Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding

The offer

  • Horse stock: 12 American Quarter horses, ponies
  • Instructors: instructors for riding and Western riding, horse warden, Western riding warden, trail riding guide
  • Riding training: lungeing training, diversity training
  • Lungeing square
  • 3 stalls for guest horses
  • Western riding
  • Children’s riding vacations and riding camps for youths
  • Horse rides and organised horse trails
  • FEBS riding pedagogic
  • Introductory riding sessions and guided pony rides
  • Children’s riding camps with bonfire and night in tepee
  • Adult riding camps with wine tasting

The horses

Our stock of horses consists of ponies, a mule, a Welsh mountain pony, a Shetland pony, a German riding pony, and twelve American Quarter horses. Quarter horses from America are Western horses which are characterised by their gentle and robust nature.

Self-determination and individuality is always important, even during short, 10-minute pony rides. The child decides for itself if it merely wants to sit on a pony conventionally or would like to engage in additional balancing exercises. Furthermore, the Mersits family adapts the programme to the skill levels and needs of the child. The aim is to ensure that the children involved are neither overwhelmed, nor insufficiently challenged.

Until 1997, the Mersits family dedicated itself to the English riding style and therefore exclusively rode warm-blooded horses.

Due to his membership in the riding and driving club of mid-Burgenland, Johann Mersits started organising Western riding courses with renowned trainers such as Franz Hüberl, Franz Ruck, and Peter Eichberger. In 1997, we imported our first Quarter mare, named Regals Badger, from Germany. Over the next few years, we shifted the focus of our horse breeding operations to American Quarter horses. Badger’s first foal, named John Hobbit Horse, secured first place at the 2000 edition of the Futurity event in Weikersdorf and won the title High Point Horse 2000. The little colt was also named the Austrian Champion of all national Quarter horse foals.

However, we celebrated our greatest victory in Kreuth (Germany) in August 2008, when our yearling colt, Classic Keen, managed to win his second European vice-championship title. Shortly thereafter, he won the Austrian Quarter Horse Championship in Wr. Neustadt. He was also crowned Grand Champion 2008 and High Point Horse 2008.

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