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The Draisine Tour Experience - Cycling on Rails

Draisine Tour
Draisine Tour

The colourful cycling draisines run for approx. 23km along an old, romantic railway line through mid-Burgenland. The draisines are propelled forward by pedals, like a bicycle. The tour leads through the idyllic landscape of sunny mid-Burgenland, past vineyards, sunflower fields, shady forests, and peaceful villages. There’s a lot to explore during the entertaining ride and three catering stations ensure that nobody runs out of energy.

Give the draisine adventure a chance - you won’t regret it!

Even the little ones are taken care of!

Even toddlers can come alone. Simply bring along your children’s car seat or infant carrier and attach them to the draisine. Thus, even the youngest can enjoy the tour safely.

The older children can look forward to numerous entertainment stations along the route, such as a XXL sandbox in Lackenbach, the adventure climbing castle in Stoob, and a newly built playground at the lay-by in Unterfrauenhaid.

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Draisine Tour
Draisine Tour
Draisine Tour
Draisine Tour

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